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Residential Construction

Modern Builder is a company which stands by its name for Latest House Designs, Quality Construction

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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Modern Builder recognize the important role office facilities play in our clients’ businesses

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Industrial Construction

Modern Builders experience in the industrial construction, industry includes a wide range of …

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Whether you’re looking to expand or make an old space look new again, Modern Builder’s Construction

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Designing Interior/Exterior

The designs are honest because our interior designers in Pakistan give the client an end-product

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New Technologey Placement

Resh ideas and new ways to benefit your business & life through technology that introduced by Modern

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Building Maintinance

Maintenance can be defined as “routine work necessary to keep the object of a place in good order”

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Repair Services

Repair are needed to tackle the inevitable decay and deterioration of building that occurs because of

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Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning and elsewhere as well as maintenance companies in Pakistan hire and train

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Sun Connection Solar System

We are able to provide the best power supply solutions in Pakistan which are necessary for many businesses

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sun energy

Solar Troubleshooting

Sun Conection also provide Troubleshooting and maintinance services on commercial &

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Invertor for Home/Commercial

Best Power service is a leading supplier of UPS solution that enables customers to protect

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Real Estate

We have the services, contacts, technology and know-how to guide you through the sales, leasing and management process from beginning to end, no matter your needs.  Selling and refinancing – Property document storage and retrieval, including 24/7 document access ,  Rental management, vacation/resort leasing and sales.


New Construction

Our mission is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction at fair & market competitive prices. We conduct overall planning that includes coordination of all the activities and making sure there are controls developed so that all the projects are taken care of from  beginning to their eventual completion.

Building Improvement

We use our specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Architects stay involved throughout the construction process, adapting their plans according to budget constraints, environmental factors or client needs.

Maintinance Services

Just because the construction is complete, it does not mean your work is done. One of the keys to keeping the cost of a property low is through proper management and maintenance of the property.  Intertek partners with building owners and facility managers to help inspect and evaluate a building and its property to determine risks,


  • We know Pakistan!
  • Top tier relationships with Corporate, REIT, Listed and other professional clients.
  • Exceptional professional & technical expertise.
  • Sector leading (hands-on) construction knowledge across the various sectors.
  • Entrepreneurial culture – teams are flexible but take ‘ownership’ of projects – we get it done!
  • Project dedicated teams ensures effectiveness and strong client relationships.
  • Our unique web based PPO system facilitates coordination and expectation management for all stakeholders.
  • The team is balanced between seasoned Construction Managers and youthful Project Managers.
  • MB’s Construction Managers have seen it all before.
  • Our Development Managers deliver a return on investment.
  • MB’s Project Managers ‘can see around corners’.

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